Benjamin Adlard Micro farm teaches circular economy and vertical growing to Gainsborough Children

On the 8th November we will open the Benjamin Adlard Micro Farm. Gainsborough children will be the first in the UK to grow healthy food using #SowStudySustain‘s circular economy and vertical growing principles. UNA Greater Lincolnshire West Lindsey District Council Team Lincolnshire Lord Holmes Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (LPFT

Benjamin Adlard to have Worlds first Net Zero circular economy in school Micro farm

Benjamin Adlard Primary School of Gainsborough will be the first school in the world with a circular economy micro farm A massive thanks to the generosity of North Notts & Lincs Community Rail Partnership plus a contribution from Neil Gentleman-Hobbs and Ashley Butterfield Lincolnshire Outdoor Learning will announce more details

LOL Sow What

Is your Lincolnshire Primary or Secondary school looking to grow healthy food within the school grounds? Take a look at LOL Microfarm Sow Study Sustain Sow What guide. It tells you what, why and when to grow healthy food. We can even show you how elsewhere on our site. Please