Putting LOL back into peoples lives means no one is left behind so Skegness Swimming pool got a large raised bed with an elevated section for wheelchair users to access.

Initially we met with the management of the Day centre in order to discuss their expectations and requirements and to timetable for the days of the practical sessions delivery. 

The initial consultation with the management of the day centres identified both their needs and the diverse range of abilities to  ensure inclusion and rewards for all. Skegness Day Centre decided that they wanted a design for an elevated raised bed .

They then dug the post holes using soil augers, post holers and spades.

These were then concreted into position. A timber frame was bolted to the upright posts and it was lined with a damp proof membrane and topped with topsoil ready for planting.

We gave the day centre clients propagators and vegetable seeds so that they can germinate their own seed for planting in the elevated raised beds.


The project became 6 morning or afternoon sessions, with at least two hours of  physical activity and site maintenance to engage the day centre clients with gardening activity sessions.  It was important to us that we talked to the day centre management to develop a bespoke plan that was exactly what they wanted.

What did we learn

How to work together as a team for the benefit of the community, using their own resilience, confidence and determination, seeing physical and mental divergence as a blessing rather than disabilities.

The  workforce has been upskilled and safety training accessed learning woodworking, horticultural, and risk assessment prior to learning the safe system of work for hand tools such as soil auger, post holer, sawing, spades, wheelbarrows, sprayers and potting tools.

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