LOL Circular Growing Hubs 

Our practical and scalable solutions put a sustainable community circular economy into action. The ultimate goal is one of an ecologically safe and socially just space, so that humanity and all living beings will be at the heart of our thoughts. Leaving no one behind, together we can not just survive but thrive.  

Town, City district county and national budgets, policies and operations can be organised around indicators of community and environmental wellbeing across broad categories, such as health (starting with natural food and healthy activities), time-use (mental health), good social governance and ecology. 

Any successful economic model must meet the needs of the society it serves, and not only by responsibly managing the natural resources it uses. A circular economy needs a circular society, and vice versa.

The LOL circular economy promotes growing, sharing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling to tackle global challenges like climate change, biodiversity loss, waste, and pollution.  Teamwork will sow the seeds for the future of our communities and culture, leaving a legacy that will enrich future society. If we sow the seed we will reap the healthy benefits. 

Starting with a circular economy growing plan at community sites we can create a sustainable and healthy food model that can be maintained by and distributed to  local communities:-

•All natural

•Nothing wasted – an end to take, break and waste.

•Communities working together

•No one is excluded

•Boundless Mental and physical health benefits

•Best practice beacon for others.