Outdoor Learning creates and uses Outdoor Learning Spaces in order to facilitate a greater appreciation and experience of the local natural environment.  

We work with Teachers and Pupils in schools to develop bespoke Outdoor Learning environments from the ground up, creating and constructing spaces and environments to engage pupils in a fun and stimulating way to learn and have a better understanding of the outside world, nature and the environment we live in.  

Our Rivers, Coasts and Settlements Fieldwork and Outdoor Learning activities within the school grounds are linked directly to the curriculum.

We also work with Local Community Groups to support them in their greater understanding of the Natural World and to support their aims and objectives.

Contact Us to find out more about how we can create and use your Outdoor Learning Environments within your school grounds or Community Space and find out why our work is so important to students, teachers and local communities.

Ashley Butterfield

Lincolnshire Outdoor Learning

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