Nature is our inspiration, the personification, nay oracle, of optimism that never gives up. Dawn is our opportunity to seize our day and to put a little LOL into everyone else along the way.

Each day mother nature succeeds to live and breathe, teaching us to evolve via the most complex of Venn diagram approaches, one that leaves no species of flora or fauna behind, one that no artificial intelligence can ever replace and no greedy foe should attempt to hijack just for their own ends and means. The natural circular economy is indeed our true inspiration, one of caring and sharing.

We can grow in two ways as humans or as vassals of machines.

Being human is to have a spirit and energy that is a blessing. We can do so much good, arts and culture, as well as bad largely, due to greed enveloping a system for fair and open competition. Capitalist innovators can make as much difference as art if it is left to its own devices and natural flow. We are not doing this under the current ME ME ME PLC

If we take one step out of the matrix we have a chance to take back control and enjoy the symbiotic relationships we have with both the digital world and the natural one. Both need us, we need them and, the Venn diagram aside, this is the starting position for us to move in the right circles of life for all of us. Otherwise nature will see us as the existential threat and the wrong 1% will survive to thrive.

Nature needs our help, even though it unselfishly evolves for the benefit of everyone of its stakeholders from the pollinators to the alpha predators and of course humanity, the clumsy elephant in the room.

For like other alpha predators we must learn to just take what we need to begin and continue the journey, apply circular economy and the 9Rs. One step at a time, one R at a time we can push up by caring, sharing and spreading the word at neighbour, school, community level. SOW STUDY SUSTAIN !

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