23-24 LOL put Sow Study Sustain into Outdoor Learning constructions

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New for 23-24 LOL science enquiry and River Days expand to East Midland Primary schools,

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Sow Study Sustain starts Food bank supplies

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Lincolnshire Outdoor Learning is a registered Social Enterprise who creates and uses Outdoor Learning Spaces in order to facilitate a greater appreciation of the Natural Environment.  

LOL is a not-for-profit social enterprise established in 2011. Your money ie our Sow Study Sustain profits – in true circular economy style – fund our Lincolnshire Wolds Micro Farm. Our Micro farm was set up during the pandemic to help vulnerable local people. We began feeding the local food bank with organic fresh produce in August 2023.

We have also funded and constructed the world’s first vertical and circular growing system in a Lincolnshire school in the most deprived area of Lincolnshire. It opens in September 2023

We stand for improving Health and Wellbeing and people’s engagement with Learning for Local Communities, Primary and Secondary Schools.

Don’t forget we also offer private candidate A Level fieldwork in geography and environmental science.